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April 25, 2019

A new mobility beyond its limitations, the African experience

“N-dimensional places” offering the possibility of n-activities, these places in m...

April 18, 2019

Mobile activities in Latin America: multiple and increasingly connected

Latin America is a place of MacGyverism and innovation. For better and s...

Because Michelin has set itself the goal of offering everyone a better way to make progress, the company is engaged in developing new forms of...

April 4, 2019

From “the home” to mobile hyperplaces

As part of its strategic plan for 2020, the La Poste Group is seeking to conquer the most lucrative market...

March 28, 2019

The new mobile logistics hyperplaces

The term logistics covers both transportation activities and much more sedentary operations such as lifting...

March 21, 2019

Mobile hyperplaces as “devices”: establishing mobile and situation-adapted assemblages

New types of negotiations for different devices

Mobile hyp...

March 14, 2019

Mobile hyperplaces: from mobile activities to the mobility of activities

Individuals don’t move for the sake of moving, but to carry out an acti...

March 6, 2019

The mobile hyperplace as a possibility for radical transformation in the planning of territories of dispersal

The city is no...

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